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Sydney Weekender

Since 1994, Sydney Weekender has been sharing the many magical places that New South Wales has to offer. From where to stay or what to eat, the show exhibits the finest experiences for viewers to make the most of their weekends.

Brookvale Mazda is proud to join Sydney Weekender on their many adventures and ensure, that wherever they go, they get there comfortably and have fun on the way.

The Host - Mike Whitney - the presenters and their film crew can rely on their Mazdas to transport them safely to their next adventure and take on any challenge.

To see what our Mazdas have been up to with Sydney Weekender, check out the show's website or tune in every Sunday to the Seven Network at 5:30pm.

Mike Whitney

Mike Whitney - Host

Mazda6 Wagon - The Family Wagon

First appearing on Sydney Weekender in 1994, Mike has presented many of New South Wales' gems to the viewing public and yet continues to find more to showcase throughout the state. Travelling to all corners of New South Wales demands comfortable, spacious and reliable transportation - and there's no better car to suit these requirements than the Mazda6 wagon. Making every long drive an enjoyable one and still offering plenty of space, the Mazda6 wagon is designed to suit any TV show family (or your family) on our roads.

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Jason and Beck Stevens

Jason and Beck Stevens – Presenters

Mazda CX-5 - The All Rounder

Jason and Beck are part of the fantastic team of guest presenters on Sydney Weekender and have shown viewers some of the best travel destinations in Sydney. From fine dining to great scenic getaways, the couple have proven to be superb guides, especially when it comes to exploring Sydney. For Jason and Beck, the CX-5 is a perfect complement to their lifestyle. The car can easily (and economically) zip around on your daily commute, but it is just as comfortable on the open road with a boot full of luggage.

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The crew

The Crew

BT-50 - The Workhorse

Sydney Weekender do an amazing job showing the enormous variety of experiences and destinations that New South Wales offers, and as you would expect this requires a large amount of fragile and expensive gear. The BT-50 is designed to bear this load. It is the perfect workhorse. With seating for five and plenty of space in the back, as well as tremendous power under the hood, the BT-50 is the car to make sure the crew are always ready to capture the very best shot.

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