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Driving Value Terms and Conditions

The Brookvale Mazda Driving Value program is exclusive to Brookvale Mazda customers and staff.

Some of the Driving Value program benefits are only available to customers who have purchased a new Mazda passenger vehicle (excludes Mazda BT-50) at Brookvale Mazda. These benefits are clearly highlighted with the Mazda vehicle logo below.

Collection of Personal Information

To see how we hold and manage your personal information, please view our privacy policy at

All email communications relating to the Driving Value program will include a clear opt-out option. If you select this option, Brookvale Mazda thereafter will not email or mail you any Driving Value program updates or exclusive offers and will not contact you by phone.

Driving Value Benefits


  1. 48 months of fixed priced schedule servicing on new Mazda passenger vehicles (excludes Mazda BT-50 vehicles) up to 80,000kms whichever occurs first. This allows new vehicles to be serviced 8 times over this 48 month / 80,000kms. The fixed price charges are given to all new owners at the time of purchase and are available by request at This benefit is exclusive to customers who have purchased a new Mazda passenger vehicle (excludes Mazda BT-50) from Brookvale Mazda and who only service with Brookvale Mazda (including the Mona Vale service centre). This is not transferable to any other vehicle.
  2. Free 4th year vehicle warranty. This is automatically given to Brookvale Mazda customers who purchase a new Mazda passenger vehicle (excludes Mazda BT-50) who exclusively service at Brookvale Mazda over the first 36 months /3 years of their new vehicle ownership. The service department will advise customers when this free 4th year (12 months) starts and ends. This 4th year warranty offered by Brookvale Mazda is a Brookvale Mazda Extended Warranty as distinct from a Mazda Australia extended warranty offered at the time the vehicle is purchased. Brookvale Mazda’s Extended Warranty Plan is:

      Brookvale Mazda warrants that your Mazda Vehicle, purchased on or after 2016 , is free from any defect in material and workmanship during the Warranty Period, subject to the following terms and conditions.

      To honour this Warranty, Brookvale Mazda will make the necessary repairs (using new or remanufactured parts) to correct any defect covered by this Warranty, without charge to you. Brookvale Mazda’s liability under this Warranty is limited to ensuring that any such repairs are made, and does not include replacement of the Mazda Vehicle.


      This Warranty applies to any defect in your Mazda Vehicle which appears within the period:

      1. Commencing on the earlier of the date which is three (3) years after the date of the Mazda Vehicle first being registered or sold by Brookvale Mazda; and
      2. Terminating twelve (12) months after commencement.


      This Warranty is personal to the original purchaser of the Mazda Vehicle from Brookvale Mazda and is not transferable.


      To make a claim under this Warranty, you must take your Mazda Vehicle to Brookvale Mazda. You will need to provide the following information at the time of making the claim:

      1. Your name, address and telephone number.
      2. Evidence including receipts of all work, scheduled maintenance and service work performed on your Mazda Vehicle by persons other than Brookvale Mazda.
      3. The nature of your claim and all material details related to your claim.


      This Warranty is given in lieu of all other express warranties (except those set out separately in this document) on the part of Brookvale Mazda.


      You are responsible for properly operating and maintaining your Mazda Vehicle in accordance with the instructions described in the Owner’s Manual. You should retain evidence that proper maintenance has been performed for Warranty protection.

      If you do not do these things, you may void this Warranty.

      These maintenance services, described in the Owner’s manual, should be performed at more frequent intervals if the Mazda Vehicle is subject to severe conditions such as operation in extremely dusty or low temperatures areas, or on short runs which prevent the engine from reaching normal operating temperatures.

      These maintenance services must be performed by Brookvale Mazda only.

      1. Damage or corrosion due to misuse, accidents or alterations
        • Misuse of the Mazda Vehicle, including driving over curbs, over-loading, racing. (Proper usage is described in the Owner’s Manual.)
        • Use of the Mazda Vehicle in competition racing or related purposes.
        • Accidents, including collision, fire, theft and riot.
        • Where the Mazda Vehicle has been declared by an insurance company as a “total loss” (i.e. ’written off’)
        • Alterations including modification and tampering.
        • Repairs performed or replacement parts installed by any person other than Brookvale Mazda.
        • A replacement part or accessory not being a Genuine Mazda Part or Genuine Mazda Accessory.
      2. Damage or corrosion due to misuse, accidents or alterations
        • Caused by environmental conditions including acid rain, airborne fallout (including chemicals, tree sap, etc), stones, salt, sand, road hazards, hail, wind, storm, lightning, floods, act of God or animal droppings.
      3. Damage or corrosion due to misuse, accidents or alterations
        • Lack of proper maintenance as described in the Owner’s Manual.
        • Improper maintenance, such as the use of parts, accessories, fuel, oil or lubricants other than those recommended in the Owner’s Manual.
        • Use of the Mazda Vehicle when it was apparent, or would have been apparent to a reasonable user of the Mazda Vehicle, that the Mazda Vehicle required service.
        • Failure to have all scheduled servicing as described in the Owner’s Manual carried out by Brookvale Mazda.
        • Maintenance, servicing or repair of the Mazda Vehicle by anyone other than Brookvale Mazda.
      4. Normal Deterioration
        • Normal wear, tear or deterioration including discoloration, fading, deformation and blurring.
        • Surface corrosion on any part other than the body sheet metal panels forming the exterior appearance of the Mazda Vehicle.
      5. Maintenance Costs
        • Normal maintenance services such as cleaning and polishing, lubrication, replenishment or replacement of oil, fluid, coolant, and replacement of worn wiper blades, fuses, filters, brake pads, brake and clutch linings, spark plugs, globes, drives belt(s), clutch disc, glass trim, headlights, battery, tyres, wheel alignment and balance, related adjustments and the like.
        • Maintenance services described as “MAINTENANCE” or “APPEARANCE CARE” in the Owner’s Manual.
      6. Altered Mileage
        • Any repair of the Mazda Vehicle on which the odometer has been altered or on which the actual mileage cannot be readily determined.
      7. Expenses and Damages
        • Expenses associated with making a claim under this warranty, including towing expenses, for which you are responsible.
        • Any other expenses incurred by you or damages sustained by you, including incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, or economic loss (including, without limitation, payment for loss of use of the Mazda Vehicle, lodging, car rentals, travel costs, loss of pay and the like).
      8. Components covered by Separate Warranties
        • Tyres installed as original equipment on Mazda Vehicles are warranted by their respective tyre manufacturers and not warranted by Brookvale Mazda.
        • Defects in material and workmanship otherwise covered by any warranty given by Mazda Australia Pty Limited ABN78 004 690 804, or by statutory rights, in respect to the Mazda Vehicle.

      “Brookvale Mazda: means Brookvale Motor Group Pty Ltd ABN 45 122 102 505.

      “Mazda Vehicle” means a Mazda passenger motor vehicle (excluding Mazda BT-50) distributed in Australia by Mazda Australia Pty Limited ABN 78004 690 804, used in Australia and purchased new from Brookvale Mazda which is serviced and repaired only by Brookvale Mazda from the date of purchase from Brookvale Mazda until the commencement of, and during the Warranty Period.

      “Genuine Mazda Accessory” means an accessory or optional equipment dedicated by Mazda to be used for the Mazda Vehicle.

      “Genuine Mazda Part” means a spare part dedicated by Mazda to be used for the Mazda Vehicle.

  3. Complimentary drop-in safety check. This takes about 10 minutes to complete and will be actioned within 5 minutes of arriving to the dealership. If any safety issues are detected that generate a cost, the customer will be provided with a written quote and can choose whether or not to proceed. Examples of where costs may be incurred are need a new tyre/s, oil or wipers replaced.
  4. Easy booking service via online and the app and a saving of 5%. This is managed through our website agency and if there’s any issues, please advise the dealership by calling (02) 9939-7677 and we’ll make your booking directly and still honour the 5% discount.
  5. Complimentary vehicle wash and vacuum. This is provided on all scheduled services only. It includes a light outside hand wash and vacuum only (not detailing).


  1. Access to onsite competitive and affordable finance and insurance products and expert advice. Experienced finance staff are available 7 days per week and will advise and match genuine competitor quotes that are provided in writing at their discretion.
  2. Drop off or take a loan car at a 50% discount. Brookvale Mazda has a complimentary shuttle service available for all service customers. The shuttle service leaves a number of times during the day based on demand and can drop customers off within a 15km radius and it can also be arranged with the driver to be picked up again. Should a loan car be requested, this will be arranged and priced depending on the vehicles available and the period of time needed. The 50% discount will automatically apply to all loan cars taken by Brookvale Mazda sales and service customers and will be processed by Brookvale Mazda staff.
  3. Free entry to Little Rascals Playland or Premier Gym (Brookvale only). A voucher will be given to customers who would like to redeem these benefits by the Brookvale Mazda service staff. It entitles the client to free access for one gym session or playland session on the day that their vehicle is being serviced only. The playland session includes up to 4 children and 1 adult. If for some unforeseen reason their relationship with either party ends, Brookvale Mazda will work to find alternative partners in the local area that offer the same benefit for customers, however if no alternative partner is found, Brookvale Mazda cannot be held responsible for being unable to deliver this benefit.
  4. Test drive with the whole family. If you would like to test drive with children, simply tell us when you book or complete the service form via the app, online or by phone. Our certified installers will fit the child car-seats/restraints that match your requirements. If there are no car-seats available, you’ll be advised and a new date and/or time will be offered when the car-seats will be available.
  5. Bring the test drive to you. Brookvale Mazda will co-ordinate this directly with the customer and will endeavour to meet the day, times and location that are convenient for the customer. Pending location this may incur a delay of up to 48 hours until sales staff are available.

Ways to Save

  1. Price matching competitor quotes on a new Mazda vehicle. This requires the customer to get and share with Brookvale Mazda a written quote from a genuine Mazda dealer. Price matching is only offered on new Mazda vehicles.
  2. Referring new customers to Brookvale Mazda. The $100 eftpos reward will only be paid if the referring party has completed and submitted the online or paper form prior to the referred party purchasing. The online form is available at and the paper form is available at the dealership. To qualify for the reward the referred party who purchases must be an entirely new customer for Brookvale Mazda – existing customers cannot refer each other. The referrer can only refer parties who have given their permission and they must tick the box on the online and offline forms to confirm this. If a referral form is submitted without this box ticked, Brookvale Mazda will not contact the referred party by any channel (not by phone, email or mail). Both parties will have an opportunity to opt-out of all communications with Brookvale Mazda. The privacy policy which covers how both parties data is held and managed can be viewed at An automatic process is in place that cross-references all new purchasing customers with the referral database to ensure that referred parties are easily identified and the $100 eftpos cards are fulfilled to both the referring and referred parties in a timely manner.
  3. 48 months of fixed priced servicing – refer to the terms and conditions benefit under “Service”
  4. Easy booking service via online and the app and a saving of 5%. – refer to the terms and conditions benefit under “Service”
  5. 10% discount on accessories. This benefit is exclusive to customers who have purchased a new Mazda vehicle (excludes Mazda BT-50) from Brookvale Mazda. The discount will be processed by the service or sales staff that process the order.

Brookvale Mazda has the right to cease the Driving Value program at any time but continue certain benefits at their discretion.

If you have any further questions on the Driving Value Terms and Conditions, please contact the dealership directly on 02 9939 7677.