custom fit out gallery

BT-50 4X4 Dual Cab Chassis1image
BT-50 4X4 Dual Cab Chassis2image
BT-50 4X4 Dual Cab Chassis3image

BT-50 4X4 Dual Cab Chassis, H-rack, height matched roof rack, tradesman tray with trundle, undertray storage, side steps

BT-50 Freestyle 4X41image
BT-50 Freestyle 4X42image
BT-50 Freestyle 4X43image

BT-50 Freestyle 4X4 with coloured Coded Power coat, Steel Tray.

custom 11image
custom 12image
custom 13image
BT-50 GT
GT Dual Cab 4X4
Wheel and tyre upgrade, custom painted grill, Soft tonneau cover
custom 21image
custom 22image
custom 23image
custom 24image
BT-50 GT
GT Dual Cab 4X4
Wheel upgrade, side steps, single-loop bull bar, light bar, sports bar, electric roll-top cover.
custom 31image
custom 32image
custom 33image
custom 34image
custom 35image
BT-50 GT
GT Dual Cab 4X4
Genuine Mazda canopy, single-loop bull bar, snorkel, black bonnet protector, toolbar.
custom 41image
custom 42image
custom 43image
BT-50 dual cab-chassis XT 4X4.
With Mazda premium tray
custom 51image
custom 52image
BT-50 dual cab-chassis XT 4X4.
With Mazda standard tray.
Custom Fitout 81image
Custom Fitout 82image

Mazda BT50 Dual Cab XT 4X4 in Cool White with genuine Mazda painted flares, sports bar, soft tonneau cover, TJM bull bar, BF Goodrich Tyre upgrade, black alloy wheel upgrade.

Custom Fitout 71image
Custom Fitout 72image

Mazda BT50 Freestyle Cab XT 4X2 with Tip Top Tradesman Tray and Trundle Drawer.

custom fitout 61image
custom fitout 62image
custom fitout 63image
custom fitout 64image
custom fitout 65image
custom fitout 66image
custom fitout 67image

Black Freestyle with custom Tradesman tray fitted with trundle drawer. Rolling on 20” Tuff alloys wrapped in Nitto Rubber with colour coded wheel arch flares

Custom Fitout 51image
Custom Fitout 52image

Mazda BT50 XTR 4X2 in Titanium Flash with genuine Mazda soft tonneau cover and alloy tubular sidesteps.

Custom fitout 41image
Custom fitout 42image
Custom fitout 43image
Custom fitout 44image

Mazda BT50 Dual Cab XT 4X4 in Titanium Flash Mica with Builders Tip Top tray package, Height matched roof racks, Black alloy wheel and tyre upgrade and Genuine Mazda Bull Bar and side steps.

Custom Fitout 31image
Custom Fitout 32image
Custom Fitout 33image
Custom Fitout 34image

XT Dual Cab in Deep Crystal Blue with custom HI Side Landscapers Tray.

Custom Fitout 21image
Custom Fitout 22image
Custom Fitout 23image
Custom Fitout 24image
Custom Fitout 25image
Custom Fitout 26image

4×4 Freestyle fitted with Contractors steel tray, 17” Black alloys on 10ply AT tyres