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Brookvale Mazda’s experienced car finance experts are with you every step of the way on your journey to owning a Mazda. We want your Mazda purchasing experience to be as affordable and seamless as possible. Our business managers will guide you to the car finance option that meets your needs, bringing you closer to owning your dream Mazda.

Car finance options include both commercial and consumer lending such as:

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Chattel Mortgage

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Commercial Hire Purchase

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Novated Lease

Lease image


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Consumer Loans

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Envision your dream Mazda with our online finance calculator that matches your repayments on any size loan matched with a range of cars that suit your budget needs.

To make the move to financing your dream Mazda from Brookvale Mazda quicker, contact us today and one of our experienced finance experts will be there to guide you through the many financing options.


This calculator is a tool for indicative use only. No result from the use of the calculator should be considered a loan application or an offer of a loan. The calculator does not take into account your personal circumstances. All interest rates displayed are guides only. Repayments as a result of this simulation can vary based on your personal circumstances including your credit worthiness. Other assumptions can apply. You should discuss your circumstances with our finance professionals or through your own independent sources.

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optionsfor car insurance

For your peace of mind and safety we offer our customers affordable and comprehensive insurance options. Our insurance plans take into consideration your future needs while ensuring you receive top value for money. Call us today and get the best deal for you and your Mazda.
To find out more about any of our insurance products, CALL US TODAY and speak to one of our on-site specialists!