The ONLY Mazda BT-50 UTE Centre on the North Shore at Brookvale Mazda

Friday, January 5, 2018
The ONLY Mazda BT-50 UTE Centre on the North Shore at Brookvale Mazda

Buying a new car is always an exciting time. Buying a new ute? Just as exciting! However, it is a decision you really need to get right and feel good about, both at work and at home.Hardworking tradies rely on their vehicles to get a job done well. And for this reason, the decision to buy a new ute comes with many variables. The ute needs to be:

  • Practical
  • Durable
  • Sufficient load capacity
  • Compatible with lifestyle &
  • the driver’s sense of style

Imagine a ute paradise where your every question could be answered! A place where all of those variables could be worked through with, specialised ute representatives who can help you build and customise your perfect ute to suit your work/life balance. Well this place actually exists and it can be found at Brookvale Mazda’s BT-50 Ute Centre.

We’ll let you in on a little secret… It’s the ONLY Ute Centre on the North Shore.

First things first – you’ll have the FULL BT-50 Ute range on display to inspect and take for a test drive. Not all utes are created equal and here at Brookvale Mazda, we get that. That’s why we have a full range of single, freestyle and dual cab bodies, 4×2 and 4×4 configurations to choose from. You’ll get to see and test drive the BT-50 and see how tough it really is. 

Our BT-50 Ute specialists will always be on-hand listen to all your specifications and make recommendations to suit you. Then comes the fun part. You can modify your ute from a wide range of accessories on view. Play, inspect and visualise how the accessories will work to assist you at work and enhance your ute to be the ultimate work and tradie companion. 

If you are in the market for a ute – you really need to drop into Brookvale Mazda’s BT-50 Ute Centre. You will be happy you did because we will will not only make your ute purchase a relaxed one, we will make sure you have some fun with it along the way! 


FREE 4WD training day experience with every 4×4 ute purchase. This offer is exclusive to Brookvale Mazda only and won’t be found anywhere else.Latest Mazda News